Bath & Bristol Aerial Drone Filming

Bath Aerial Drone Filming Service with Experienced Drone Pilots.

I am an experienced, CAA-approved and fully-insured drone operator based in Bath, working across the UK.

My Aerial Drone Filming Services include:

  • Aerial Drone Filming & Photography
  • Aerial Hyperlapse Photography
  • Dual-operator DJI Inspire 2 Operating
  • Specialised Operational Safety Case “OSC” Permissions:
    • Flights up to 600FT (from 400ft)
    • Reduced separation distance:
      • 30m in-flight (down from 50m)
      • 15m take-off and landing (down from 30m)
      • 75m from crowds (down from 150m)


I am an experienced drone operator, regularly working with production companies of all sizes, providing aerial drone filming for broadcast and digital commercials.

I carry out “safety-first” operations and am calm and professional when under pressure in order to achieve impactful, close-to-ground filming of moving subjects to create epic “wow factor” aerial shots with our drones.

We strive to help bring a director’s creative vision to life by being able to operate the gimbal/camera independently from the drone, which is controlled and piloted separately within visual line of sight at all times.


I have experience of providing aerial drone filming at large open-air events using my dual-operator DJI Inspire 2 Drone. Despite the legal requirement of needing to be at least “150m of an open air assembly of 1000 persons or more”, my specialised OSC permissions permit me to operate at a reduced distance of 75m which means I am able to get stunning aerial imagery of events that others cannot, whilst still maintaining a safe distance. 

By hiring me to provide aerial drone filming of your event, you can capture the full breadth of your event at a fraction of the cost of chartering an expensive helicopter.

Watch our Aerial Drone Video of Bath from the 2019 Bath Half Marathon.