Time-lapse & Hyperlapse Photographer

Aerial Hyperlapse Photography Expert

Time-lapse Video Production

Time-lapse photography, often misspelled as “timelapse photography”, is the art of warping time by taking individual still photographs of an event or process, and then putting them all together in post-production to create a stunning video in which subtle changes, which we don’t typically notice in real-time, are sped up to dramatically accentuate the change.

Time-lapse photography is a captivating and visually-pleasing medium which is perfect for recording the progress of a construction site over several months or, more creatively, showing the flux of people and vehicles in a city, an event being set up, or showing the rotation of the earth with a star-filled night’s sky.

We have produced time-lapse videos for a range of clients, and can either create visually stunning time-lapse videos for brands and businesses, or help document a long-term construction or assembly over several months, depending upon the timescales in which you wish to capture the time-lapse. 

Motion-Control Time-Lapse Photography using Rhino Motion Slider, Rhino Arc and Rhino Arc II, a 4-axis motion-control unit.

Aerial Drone Hyperlapse Photography, using the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone.

Time-Lapse & Hyperlapse Photography.