Zone Digital


We hired Sam to take a series of photos at different locations across London and Bristol. And we couldn’t have made a better choice. 

Marc Walter, Experience Director

“While the world came to a stillstand in 2020 the team at Zone was relaunching their brand and was in desperate need of new photography. But what to do when office are off limits but you still want to show all the amazing talent? You shoot them where they work – at home!  Sam’s level of professionalism combined with a great amount of flexibility made this ambition possible. It was great to see Sam warming up real quick to our team members which helped a lot to make them feel at ease in front of his camera. I would hire Sam in a heartbeat for any other work – be it photo or video! His work was well received by our internal stakeholders and became a lovely discussion point with clients and new applicants.”

Marc Walter, Experience Director, Zone Digital (A Cognizant Company)

Our Work with Zone Digital

This time last year I was commissioned by the lovely people at Zone to photograph some of their team members from their London and Bristol offices as part of a major visual brand refresh in which Zone wanted to rebuild their image library with imagery that was more aligned to the company’s values and its new visual identity.

Zone were eager to create imagery that reflected the current reality in which colleagues were working. And, given there wouldn’t have been anyone to photograph in their offices, I embarked on a bit of a road trip around London and the Bristol area with my team to photograph “Zoners” working in their homes.