Ballet Dancer Eloïse Hymas, Fulham, London, 2013 [15 photos]

Eloïse Hymas is a professional ballet dancer based in London who recently danced at the Royal Albert Hall for "Les Vêpres Siciliennes"!

We met up at The Dance Attic studios in Fulham for the shoot and had to move quickly, as we only had the room for a short while. Nevertheless, we managed to squeeze a lot into the shoot, trying out the various different poses that Eloïse wanted to get (to submit to auditions) as well as other shots that I had in mind.

I brought along my trusty Profoto 7B to give a little pop of flash to a few shots since the room was pretty dark. Then, as the sun started shining through the trees outside, we made good use of the large windows for some portraits.


This was the first time I had used my (then new) Canon EOS 5D Mark III and I really noticed the step up in quality from my previous 5D model. Here's the shot above at 100%.

A big thank you goes to my assistant Lasma who was a real help on the day. We had great fun and both Eloïse and I were really happy with the result from the shoot.

If you are a dancer and would like to do a photoshoot, please get in touch via the contact page.

That's all for now. Thanks for looking.

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